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Ohio Workers' Compensation Claims

Protect your family income and get the medical treatment you need.

Let Our Experience Help You
Get control of your work injury claim.  Injured workers often feel they subjected to unfairness and that their voices are not heard in the system. When a work injury leaves you or a loved one without a pay check and high medical bills, we can help you get control and help protect your income and family.

How We Can Help

  • We help you file and take control of your claim.
  • We help you maximize the benefits you are paid for your time off from work.
  • We know and understand the complex issues of workers’ compensation.
  • We work to obtain a lump sum settlement of current and older claims.
  • If you can’t go back to your job, we help get job placement help and other vocational assistance.

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Our attorneys represent injured workers, people with social security disability claims, and people injured in car and motor vehicle accidents in Toledo and Northwest Ohio. Our injury and disability lawyers are licensed in the State of Ohio.  We have a reputation second to none and the experience you can count on.